New Media

Choreography & new media

Laisvie Andrea Ochoa is a Colombian-Lithuanian choreographer, inclusive dance expert and video artist. Currently, her main creative exploration is multimedia performance, involving live video projection and telematic technologies, while maintaining the values she developed in her inclusive dance practice.

This course is an ongoing creative laboratory to experiment and play with new media and dance. This space is open not only to dance practitioners, but also to filmmakers, video artists, sound artists, and everthing in between. We will follow a collective creation methodology based on prototyping cycles to develop ideas and try them out. Different collaborations will be encouraged. Come and bring your gadgets (if you have) and desire to innovate!
Woensdag / 21:15 - 22:15 / minimaal half gevorderd / Studio DP20 / inschrijven
Let op: deze cursus start vanaf 6-10-2020.